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We take great pride in the fact that our ‘unplugged concepts’ are not simply manufactured but meticulously handcrafted. Why ‘unplugged’? Because only hand tools are applied in the process. Hours of hard work and elbow grease are put into crafting each of our exceptional products. All pieces of leather are carefully selected, precisely measured and cut by hand. The basis is always a quality, full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather with its warm, beige hue. In order to achieve darker tones, the best oil dyes are applied to each piece separately. When dry they are buffed, properly oiled and coated with protective finishes. The resulting patterns are carefully aligned, glued and prepared for sewing. The characteristic, traditional ‘saddle stitch’, which is an art in itself, is done by hand with the use of two blunt needles, which are drove through the previous punched out diamond shaped holes. Since natural leather is susceptible to fraying, all edges are attentively sanded and painstakingly burnished in order to fuse the separate layers of leather into one slick and smooth rim. The finishing touches comprise of additional buffing, packaging and making sure that the resulting piece of craftsmanship reaches you as securely and quickly as possible.

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