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Abstract T-shirt
Limited Edition

Whatever you see is right… your own perception is all that matters. Read More

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Product is made of natural, full-grain leather which may have unique scars that do not affect item’s durability. Due to hand-dying and varying density of leather the colour may differ slightly from the presented photos.

Abstract main features

One can never have too many t-shirts. It’s the most basic and versatile garment in your wardrobe. Top layer in the summer and additional insulation in winter. Besides its functional qualities, it is also a powerful medium of expression. Depending on the color and graphics, it can be a fashion statement, declaration of your world views, or straightforward manifestation of your current mood. It allows you to rock on your chest the name of your favorite band or reproduced work of admired artist. And if you change your mind, you can also change your tee. Sometimes, IT can even change your life.

It is more than just a piece of fabric… it is the ultimate canvas for human creativity.

Escapizm leathercraft workshop

Natural vegetable-tanned

Vegetable-tanned, full-grain leather is the most natural, healthy and eco-friendly option. Produced with no chemical compounds, only natural tanning agents found in plants, it retains the unique, woody, earthy smell and the original warm hue. Each piece has its own one-of-a-kind texture, which with all its subtle imperfections results in exceptional and inimitable products. If treated well, its sturdiness and durability will allow it to accompany you throughout your life’s journey. It will age with you, taking in all shared experiences and adventures, becoming more intense and refined with the passing of time.

CBody length73cm75cm78cm81cm
DSleeve length81cm82cm83cm85cm
ESleeve width12cm12cm13cm14cm
BBody length70cm73cm76cm79cm
CSleeve length32cm33cm34cm35cm
DSleeve opening18cm18cm18cm18cm
BBody length86cm89cm92cm
CSleeve length70cm73cm76cm
BBody length67cm70cm73cm
CSleeve length65cm68cm71cm

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